Empowered is a "sexy superhero comedy"—well, except when it isn't—about a struggling young "C-list" superheroine and her never-ending battles with sneering superpeers, chronically low self-esteem, and a ridiculously embarrassing and unreliable "supersuit." First published as an series of—ahem—"graphic novels" by Dark Horse Comics, Empowered is now being serialized on Hiveworks as a webcomic, featuring extensive page-by-page commentary by creator Adam Warren as the series gradually—very gradually—progresses from its humble origins as a freeform collection of cape-based jokes into a far more complex and ambitious narrative and character study. (No, really!) You can get started on the ever-evolving Empowered experience here.

You'll find print versions of the first nine volumes of Empowered available here, along with the first volume of the ongoing "Guest Artist" anthology Empowered Unchained. In the months to come, we'll also be working in a widening selection of full-color prints of Empowered artwork, with additional forms of merch possible further down the road.  

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