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Where is your Warehouse located?

Texas, USA.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Please expect a longer delay for international orders (can go up to 4 weeks for delivery).

Speaking of international orders, I was charged custom fees / duties fees! Is there anything I can do to avoid paying those?

Unfortunately, the application of duty or border fees is something that is completely out of our control. The amount of the tax, as well as its application, varies accordingly to the laws of each country. The only thing we can do to help is to provide accurate value and item information for a package for the receiving party. Typically, the more valuable the shipment, the higher the tax rate. Not all shipments are taxed. It really varies country per country. Check your national post information for more details.

Do the artist get compensation for the items you sell?

Absolutely! The artists get the lion's share of the profits on each items, and all the items are released with their approval and designed with love. 

Will you do pre-orders for books that are crowdfunded by Hiveworks creators?

If the creator requests it, yes.

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