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Pulled into a magical world by her enigmatic best friend, Lupe finds herself in the middle of an ongoing battle between Witches who seek the remains of the Wolf, and hunters who hunt the witches. There’s not much Lupe can do to escape her fate, as a not-so-magical girl. Only the Lady of Wishes can come to her aid and send her home… if the legend is true.

Published as a WEBTOON Original, Four Leaf is the work of Lumaga, a former 2D animator and video game artist from Uruguay who never expected to spend so much time drawing comics.

Four Leaf is a unique fantasy drama rated for a teen audience, about a youth on a quest that will require courage and resourcefulness she never knew she had.


Hiveworks is crowdfunding the printing of Four Leaf Book 1 directly through our store, Hivemill. We aim to ship out copies of the books and other rewards in February 2024!

Alongside the book, we are offering pre-set selections of items in every tier. 

Here are the available tiers (scroll through the carousel for images) :

$25 - Four Leaf Book 1 Softcover

$30 - Four Leaf Book 1 Softcover + Die-cut Stickers

$45 - Four Leaf Book 1 Softcover + Die-cut Stickers + Enamel Pin

$60 - Four Leaf Book 1 Softcover + Die-cut Stickers + Enamel Pin + Signed Bookplate (LIMIT OF 40)

  • Book details: Softcover, full-color printing, 6x9 inches. Approx 240 pages.
  • Sticker details: Two 3x3 inch vinyl die-cut stickers
  • Enamel pin details: 2 inches in black metal and 6 colors
  • Bookplate details: 3x4 inch signed decal that you can stick inside of your book if you please.

Thank you for supporting Lumaga's work, as well as the efforts of the independent publisher Hiveworks!

Title Four Leaf : Book 1 - Crowdfunder