Crowdfunding updates

Countdown to Countdown Book 1 crowdfunding: Update 1

Sep 26, 2022

Hello everyone!

This is an update for readers who have contributed to the pre-order of Countdown to Countdown Book 1. We wanted to let you know how the project is going, and give you the planned dates for the upcoming project steps!

First of all, the book files have been completed, and sent to the printer!

We consulted several printers for estimates and decided to use a Canadian one based on the estimates. Due to delays during production and current global supply chain disruption, none of the printers were able to give us a delivery date prior to December 2022. Our printer will be delivering the books to our warehouse on December 19, 2022. Shipments will go out as soon as possible after the holiday break, in January 2023.

As a thank you for your support and patience, 2 postcard prints will be added to all physical tiers. This was proposed by Velinxi, and we are looking forward to producing them!

Other rewards will be arriving at our warehouse during October. Please enjoy a preview of a sample cast of the enamel pin, the rest of which are currently in production.

Secondly, we will be sending you the digital rewards this week!

The digital rewards (ebook + wallpapers) are ready and will be sent to you all directly from the store, via SendOwl (an ebook distribution tool) to the emails you entered when you purchased the book. Please keep an eye out for this email, and communicate with if you have any trouble downloading these rewards!

Here is a small preview of the wallpaper!

The Hiveworks team apologizes for the delay in book production, and we are working closely with the printer to ensure that the books ship to the warehouse by December 19. We appreciate the trust backers put in us to bring Countdown to Countdown to life and we are learning from this experience for Book 2.