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Trying Human


Trying Human Volume 1 - Ebook from Trying Human - Webcomic Merchandise

Trying Human

Trying Human is a full color graphic novel that follows New York City secretary, Rose, as she learns she's being abducted by a group of aliens, the Greys, a race without emotions or sentiment. She catches the interest of Hue, an empathetic Grey, and his funny friend, Quazky, a Reptoid alien from a neighboring mothership. Using a device, the trying human circuit, the two friends infiltrate Rose's life and the human world.

A second storyline that begins every chapter, encompasses the lives of Phillis, Walter, and Dr. Glasner, all of whom are stationed at the Nellis Testing Range in 1947. Followed by a menagerie of aliens, the mysterious MAJESTIC12, and one defunct German scientist, the two girls try to figure it all out with over half a century between them.

The first four chapters which comprise the first volume focus mostly on Rose's abductions, her boyfriend Roger's new job for a secret branch of the government, and Phillis' initial encounters with EBE1, an alien under her care.

Author: Emy Bitner

Pages: 149 pages

Format: Full color - PDF

Collection: Trying Human

The first volume was published online between 2008 and 2009.

The comic is still ongoing and can be read here.

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