Tiger, Tiger: Book 1

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Ludovica is the pampered child of the Bonnaire family. Scientifically minded and romantically inclined, she decides to commandeer her twin brother’s boat as well as his identity.  She wants nothing more than to write a book about the fascinating life cycle of sea sponges aboard The Gallant before she is tethered by the dull responsibilities of marriage.

Pursued by her brother, Ludo convinces her hapless fiancé, Jamis, the first mate of The Gallant, to assist her. Armed with her marvelous inventions, she aims to sail the world, making new discoveries and finding love and adventure. Ludo quickly crosses paths with something as grand and mysterious as the sea itself. Between untangling her brother’s romantic life, meeting old gods, uncovering naval sabotage, and deciphering her own feelings about the lovely ladies she meets, will Ludo ever have time to complete her beloved treatise?

Tiger, Tiger was nominated for an Eisner in the best webcomic category in 2019 and picked as one of the Best Comics of 2021 by the A. V. Club!

This is definitely not a story for the faint-hearted. We recommend +16 readers navigate these choppy waters.

+16 readers / Historical fantasy / Mystery / Adventure / LGBTQIA+


Hiveworks is crowdfunding the printing of Tiger, Tiger Book 1 directly through our store, Hivemill. We aim to ship out copies of the books and other rewards in December 2022! Tiger, Tiger is a Hiveworks Original project produced by Hiveworks and by Petra Erika Nordlund.

Alongside the book, we are offering pre-set selections of items in every tier.

Here are the available tiers (scroll through the carousel for images) :

$5 - Digital Wallpaper

$10 - Tiger, Tiger Book 1 Ebook + Digital Wallpaper

$20 - Tiger, Tiger Book 1 Softcover + All Digital items

$30 - Tiger, Tiger Book 1 Softcover + Print Set + All Digital items

$40 - Tiger, Tiger Book 1 Softcover + Print Set + Stickers + All Digital items

$55 - Tiger, Tiger Book 1 Softcover + Print Set + Stickers + Enamel Pin + All Digital items

Book details: Softcover, Black and white interior, 7x10 inches, 280+ pages, contains chapters 1-4 & bonus content.

Print set details: Set of 2 5x8 inch foil adorned prints.

Sticker details: Set of 1 sticker sheet (with a selection of panels from the comic) + 3 die cut stickers.

Enamel pin details: 2 inches, gold accents.

Thank you for reading Tiger, Tiger, and for supporting the efforts of the independent publisher Hiveworks!

Title Tiger, Tiger: Book 1