Sister Claire Volume 1 - Ebook Format

Sister Claire


Sister Claire Volume 1 - Ebook Format from Sister Claire - Webcomic Merchandise

In the troubled aftermath of a great war between Witches and her fellow Nuns, novice Sister Claire just wants a purpose. Her prayers are answered when the beautiful blue businesswoman Gabrielle explodes from Claire's toilet and informs her she's pregnant with the new Messiah.

As her simple black-and-white world gives way to a startling technicolor reality, Sister Claire realizes her "purpose" may put her in for more than she bargained for: a kaleidoscopic adventure to learn more about the Nuns' dubious crusade against the Witches and prevent history from repeating itself.

Author: Elena "Yamino" Barbarich

Pages: 222 pages

Format: Full color - PDF

Collection: Sister Claire

The comic is still ongoing and can be read here.

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