Sakana Volume 3



Sakana Volume 3
Sakana Volume 3 Sakana Volume 3 Sakana Volume 3

SAKANA is a slice of life, romantic comedy (a sli-li-rom-com, if you will) set in Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market. Our heroes must navigate a hazardous dating scene, unpack some serious baggage, and wrangle unruly seafood to find love, peace of mind, and a paycheck.

In Volume 3, the much-anticipated Second Date is just around the corner, and our hero, Jiro Sakana, definitely isn't ready for it. To keep his budding relationship above water, he'll need all the help he can get from friends, family...even enemies. Will he ever be able to relax and enjoy himself? And is there more to Chie than meets the eye? Meanwhile, Yuudai and Taisei try to navigate their tentative interest in one another, but complicated feelings and miscommunication threaten to keep them apart. 

Is anyone safe from the dreaded "Sakana Date Vortex"??

Size: 11" x 8.5", landscape

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