Off*Beat - Volume 1 - Ebook



Off*Beat - Volume 1 - Ebook from Off*Beat - Webcomic Merchandise

Christopher “Tory” Blake is a little too smart for his own good. His flights of fancy can whisk him away to odd places, but none so odd as those involving his mysterious new neighbor, Colin Stephens. Quiet and unassuming, it's obvious that Colin is up to something - but what? And when it turns out that Tory's instincts may actually be on to something, he discovers he's got just as much to figure out about himself as he does about his new “friend.” Is Colin just a curiosity or something more...?

Originally published by TOKYOPOP, this new edition published by Sparkler features never-before-seen bonus material! Volume 3 of this series is now complete.

Author: Jen Lee Quick

Pages: 176 pages 

Format: PDF, MOBI (Kindle) in zip file - Black and white

File Size: 152.4 MB

Collection: Sparkler, Off*Beat

This comic is now complete (3 volumes) and can be read here

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