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Kiss it Goodbye is a “Girls Love” Comic (GL) about Aruka and Yukimi, childhood friends living in Kyoto, Japan. The two of them, now adults in a long-term relationship, recount the story of how they became distant friends to lovers. As their teen selves grow up and come to terms with their sexuality and their feelings for each other, the budding couple faces external and internal challenges. 

Kiss it Goodbye is an adorable slice of life story that feels warm and familiar. A comic that is sometimes about gently falling in love, sometimes about the little joys of life, and sometimes about being gay and doing crime.

This series is an independent project created by Italian artist Ticcy and was originally posted on Tapas, Webtoon and Tumblr in 2020-2021. Ticcy has partnered with Hiveworks to release the Complete Edition of Kiss it Goodbye!

Kiss it Goodbye was nominated for Best Slice of Life in the 2021 Webtoon Canvas Awards.

+13 readers / Slice of Life / Drama / LGBTQIA+


Hiveworks is crowdfunding the printing of Kiss it Goodbye - Complete Edition directly through our store, Hivemill. We aim to ship out copies of the books and other rewards in February 2023!

Alongside the book, we are offering pre-set selections of items in every tier. 

Here are the available tiers (scroll through the carousel for images) :

$5 - Kiss it Goodbye - Complete Edition Ebook

$20 - Kiss it Goodbye - Complete Edition Softcover Book + Ebook

$40 - Kiss it Goodbye - Complete Edition Softcover Book + Stationery Set + Ebook

Book details: Softcover, full-color printing, 7x10 inches, 150+ pages, contains full series + bonus pages.

Stationery set details: Includes two small prints, 2 diecut stickers, and a sticker sheet.

Thank you for supporting Ticcy’s work, as well as the efforts of the independent publisher Hiveworks!