Harpy Gee Volume 4 - The Smallest Apology

Harpy Gee


Harpy Gee Volume 4 - The Smallest Apology from Harpy Gee - Webcomic Merchandise

A month has passed since Harpy and her friends defeated Urtica, the plant monster.

Most heroes would be celebrating, but Harpy is having doubts about her own abilities and place in the world. Meanwhile Prince Humphrey is beginning to realize he may be losing a friend. Will he be able to overcome feeling small and become the bigger person in time to break bread with Harpy? Is Ash destined to win a prized new sword that he can't afford? Is the pig cheese Opal is selling really a delicious treat? Do ogres enjoy elves as a snack? Visit Podunkello's annual Winter Festival to learn the facts!

Author: Brianne Drouhard

Format: 8.5" x 10.5" Soft bound full color

Collection: Harpy Gee

Harpy Gee is an ongoing comic! Pages were originally published between January and October 2014, and are available to read online here

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