Goth Western - The Complete Collection

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This product will only be produced if at least $5,000 USD is contributed by October 23, 2022, 12:00 a.m. ET (US & Canada). SHIPPING June 2023. Please note that due to the VAT situation, physical products cannot be shipped to the United Kingdom.

NOTE: Each product corresponds to a “tier” - a preset selection of items.


For the mysterious gunslinger known only as "Jack," Love's Saloon is a haven in the desert, not least due to the presence of the charming proprietress, Evelyn Love. When Evelyn is killed in a shootout, Jack sells her soul to the God of Doomed Lovers to bring her back. The two must then embark on a mission: to deliver the god's bloody vengeance to a man who's been hunting the god's other chosen.


This crowdfunding project, hosted by the Hivemill, is to print the complete book of Goth Western.

You can read the full comic online here.

Alongside the book, we are offering pre-set selections of items in every tier.

Here are the available tiers (scroll through the carousel for images) :

  • Book details: Softcover, color interior, 6x9 inches, 156 pages, contains the complete story plus a bonus comic.
  • Print details: 6x9 inches, printed on textured paper.
  • Sticker details: 5x5 inches, diecut, vinyl.
  • Pendant details: Solid bronze, 2 cm (a little under an inch) tall
  • Bonus Story: A prologue of when Jack and Evelyn first meet!