Ghost Junk Sickness- Volume 5 (Ebook)

Ghost Junk Sickness


Ghost Junk Sickness- Volume 5 (Ebook)
Both completely out of their element, Trigger and Vahn have a long road ahead of them that needs confronting and owning up. What each of them decides to take accountability for will only be revealed in this time of introspection and hopefully resolve.

Plans have already gone awry since Vahn decided to break off from the group, with the uncertainty of what will happen as a result, Sam, Andrew and Nonshedo reluctantly trek on with the mission. Finding themselves led to a mysterious city secluded from the rest of the livable planet, the three encounter some strange people that might know more than they let on.

Contains Chapters 15-17
Authors: Kristen and Laura Lee
Pages: 181 (6 pages in colour, 175 in black and white)
Format: Ebook (PDF)

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