Ghost Junk Sickness Volume 2 (Softcover/Ebook)

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Trigger's worst fear is realized when he gets tangled in a bounty race with the one person he's been avoiding the most: Boggmouth, a loud-mouthed boisterous bolobogan with a real hate on for him. What's worse is that she's a way better hunter than him and even Vahn seems to have taken a liking to her. Trigger's first instinct is to flee the scene and cool off somewhere else with a friend before he braves going back to June7. Little does he know that when he does return, a lot more chaos is in store for him and Vahn. Thrown into another bounty that's just as dangerous as it is elusive, the notorious "Ghost" seems to put the two to a real test of wit, that is if they can even stick together.

Contains chapters 4-7 of the webcomic Ghost Junk Sickness

Available in Softcover and Ebook (PDF) Formats