Ghost Junk Sickness Volume 1 (Softcover/Ebook)

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Product description

Trigger Elliot is a bounty hunter who travels around the galaxy with his not-so-fully-licensed-and-technically-illegal-hunting-partner Vahn Gavotte. They're lousy at what they do and often resort to petty tactics just to get a bounty; this is their life. After an unsuccessful hijacking of another hunter's game, the two find themselves in a lot more debt than they bargained for. With their ship in need of repairs and few places in service to do maintenance, they resign themselves to go to desolate icy planet, Farlah Sucal just to keep their ship going. While on their way, the hunters find themselves forced on a detour to one of the nearby moons, where it appears that other parties involved are interested in keeping them there...

Contains the first three chapters of the webcomic Ghost Junk Sickness.

Available in Softcover and Ebook Formats
208 pages (35 in colour and 173 black and white) at 6 x 7.75