Decoy and Retrofit



Decoy and Retrofit from Sparkler - Webcomic Merchandise

“He hadn’t had a dream in about five years, which was about how long the apocalypse had been going on for.”

Noel stopped caring about a lot of things after the apocalypse. It’s hard to care when your hometown is a crater and you’re in a gang to pay the bills, but it’s especially difficult after your brain has been surgically altered into something half alien.

That is, until Noel finds himself in a cross-country chase with a truck full of stolen weapons and Griffin, a childhood friend who Noel thought was long dead. Between flat tires and alien war dogs, roadblocks and firefights, Noel starts to remember who he was, and who Griffin was, before the world ended.

Decoy & Retrofit is a post-apocalyptic light novel by the artist and writer team Hazel + Bell.

Pages: 198

Format: Prose with black and white illustrations

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