Alexander, The Servant, & The Water of Life: Book 1

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In 323 BCE, Alexander the Great begins to fear.

Fearing the destruction of his pothos — his longing for life, ambition, and eternal conquest — from old age, Alexander embarks on a quest for the elusive Water of Life while accompanied by his wisest, most trustworthy Servant.

As they experience a series of countless fabulous wonders, including glass submarines, flying chariots, naked philosophers, Amazonians, and talking prophetic trees, Alexander confronts his complex legacy and reflects on the life and deeds that will cement his transformation into one of the most unforgettable figures in world history.

The 21st-century retelling of the Alexander Romance, a 2000-year-old literary tradition.

Alexander, the Servant & the Water of Life was shortlisted in 2022 for the Cartoonist Studio Prize and Comics Arts Australia, and picked as one of the Best Comics of 2021 by the A. V. Club!

(Content warning: blood, war, gore, some nudity)

+16 readers / Historical fantasy / Drama / LGBTQIA+


Hiveworks is crowdfunding the printing of Alexander, the Servant & the Water of Life directly through our store, Hivemill. Alexander, the Servant & the Water of Life is a Hiveworks original project produced by Reimena Yee.

Alongside the book, we are offering pre-set selections of items in every tier.

Here are the available tiers (scroll through the carousel for images) :

  • Book details: Hardcover, color interior, 7x10 inches, 208 pages, contains Prologue and Chapters 1 to 7.
  • Paper Bookmark details: A pair of 2x6 inch bookmarks
  • Metal Bookmark details: Brass metal enamel, 7 cm or ~3 inches tall with 10 cm or ~4 inches chain
  • Standard bookplate: Sticker featuring exclusive art
  • Signed and sketched bookplates: Limited to 15, gold ink on black cotton paper, randomized design
  • Digital Artbook: 60+ pages PDF containing concept art and process