Ghost Junk Sickness - Book 3 (Softcover/Ebook)

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Interstellar soldiers find themselves ambushed when a group of rebels make a direct attack to one of their outposts stationed on June7. Junder soldiers step in immediately to subdue the situation and upon apprehending the renegades, Andrew Avalon discovers that the leader of the pack not only stands as a link to his past but also bears important information on Interstellar and possibly The Ghost.

Meanwhile, Trigger and Vahn are still recovering from the previous week’s disastrous events and tension and frustration is building at an alarming rate. Split up again, Vahn finds an unexpected reprieve when they run into Boggmouth, although it doesn’t last long before they’re stuck in the middle of a long standing conflict between Boggmouth and Trigger.

With these crucial leads comes painful confrontations and the only way to move forward is to face it head on.

Contains chapters 8-10

Authors : Kristen and Laura Lee

Pages: 224 (10 in color, 214 in black and white)

Publisher: Self-Published (printed as ordered - expect 3 to 5 days before shipping)

Format:  6"x 7.75", soft cover, perfect bound. Ebook PDF

This comic is currently ongoing and can be read here