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Tiger Tiger Book 1 Crowdfunding Update #4

Jun 14, 2023

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Hello everyone! 
We have an update on the status of the book. As mentioned previously, we had advanced in our book backlog during winter, aiming to start a new round of printing in March. However, March & May ended up being taken up by unavoidable additional work on those projects, which are now completed. Tiger Tiger Book 1, alongside Goth Western, is being sent to the printer this week. The Tiger, Tiger Book 1 ebook will be sent to $10 and up backers this week as well as the wallpaper pack to those who pledged $5 and up! 

The Seven Seas edition has hit bookstore shelves, we put in a lot of work for the cover design, so we are pleased to see it shared on social media. A few folks asked us about the differences with both editions - the content itself is the same, but the size is different (the Hiveworks edition is bit bigger - 7x10 instead of 6x9), and since the Hiveworks edition is oriented towards direct sale, the creator receives a greater percentage of the sale rather than a royalty. That being said, having Tiger, Tiger in stores allows new readers to discover it, and that is the drive behind our valued partnership with Seven Seas.

As always, we want to remind all backers that you can change your address at any time by signing into your Hivemill account using the same email as the one associated with the original order. You must update the address in the existing order, not the general account. Otherwise, we will not see a change to the order itself. Orders have addresses specific to them. If you do not have an account, you can create one when you first log in here:

Thank you all for your continued patience and support.