Crowdfunding updates

Tiger Tiger Book 1 Crowdfunding Update #1

Jan 05, 2023

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Hello everyone!
This is an update for readers who have contributed to the pre-order of Tiger Tiger Book 1. We wanted to let you know how the project is going and give you the planned dates for the upcoming project steps!

There has been a slight delay in production due to many printers are currently overwhelmed due to global chain disruptions, and due to our team needing to focus on assets for the Seven Seas release.

A preview of the 7 Seas cover for Tiger Tiger Book 1

Here is a preview of what the cover will look like for the Seven Seas edition. Now that the work for their edition is completed, we are focused on ordering the remaining non-book rewards as well as securing a schedule for printing.

We will be back with another update once we have the date for when the books will arrive in our warehouse.