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Countdown To Countdown Book 1 update #4

Jan 19, 2023

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Hello, everyone!
This is an update to let you all know that the books are on their way to the warehouse. Once they arrive at the warehouse and are processed by the staff, we will begin packing the rewards together. 
We usually pre-package the rewards before sending them out, as this limits mistakes and keeps the books in the best possible shape! We anticipate that this process will take until the end of February, following that, shipping should take about 2 weeks to send out. 
We would like to remind backers that you can change your address, by signing into your Hivemill account using the email you made the order with.  If you do not have an account, you can create one when you first log in here : 
We will make another update when pre-packaging is nearly completed to let you know when addresses will be locked. Please change your address if required at your earliest convenience.

Further notes for international backers

It is imperative that you use your full legal name as your shipping name to ensure that your shipment passes customs without issue. If it is different than what your country has on file, customs will send your package back to us.
We also want to remind international backers that it is your responsibility to pay the custom fees on your packages. The fees are something Hiveworks has no control over as they are at the discretion of individual countries. Thank you for your understanding.
In the meantime we have some photos of the physical books look like.
Thanks again for your patience. We look forward to mailing your rewards out to you all!