Supernormal Step - Vol. 3

Supernormal Step


Supernormal Step - Vol. 3 from Supernormal Step - Webcomic Merchandise

Fiona is on the case! Uncovering secrets, sniffing out clues, fighting crazy people! Okay that last one wasn't completely expected, but she's making progress! Seems Mr. Henderson might have a few skeletons in his closet, and Fiona isn't too afraid to let them out. New problems are arising though as the weirdness of the world she's forced to live in starts to get to her. Can her friends stop her from having a mental breakdown? Wait...does she even have any of those?

Collects chapters 7-9 of the webcomic Supernormal Step.

Author : Michael Lee Lunsford

Pages: 156


Format : Full color, softcover


Format: Full color, PDF file

Collection: Supernormal Step

This comic is currently ongoing and can be read here

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