Supernormal Step - Vol. 2

Supernormal Step


Supernormal Step - Vol. 2 from Supernormal Step - Webcomic Merchandise

Fiona is slowly getting used to the punchy bits of being in a strange magical universe, but still hasn't gotten any closer to finding her way home. Now on top of all that the dictator-for-life Mr. Henderson has started paying attention to her actions, as well as a mysterious group known as the Nameless. They both want her on their side, but she just wants to get the heck out of here! Featured in these chapters: robber orcs, smiley face masks, small hairy reporters, superheroes, tiny fairies, robots, cookies, explosions, vampires, mobsters, and one guy with a bird face.

Collects chapters 4-6 of the webcomic Supernormal Step.

Author : Michael Lee Lunsford

Pages: 164


Format : Full color, softcover


Format: Full color, PDF file

Collection: Supernormal Step

This comic is currently ongoing and can be read here

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