Goats (Book 3): Showcase Showdown - Ebook



Goats (Book 3): Showcase Showdown  - Ebook from Goats - Webcomic Merchandise
God is dead. Reality isn’t real. And the end of the multiverse is coming! Nobody knew any of this stuff at the beginning–least of all Jon and Phillip, two of the drunker inhabitants of our own particularly ignorant level of existence. Then again, it was these bickering cyber-geeks who flew to the center of the galaxy where they met–and ate–God Himself . . . which may just have kick-started the apocalypse. A new collection of strips from the acclaimed webcomic, Goats: Showcase Showdown is a unique cosmic comedy of errors, pocket universes, and monkeys with typewriters.
Book Three of The Infinite Pendergast Cycle collectio, Goats: Showcase Showdown features beautifully reproduced full-color comics from 2007 and 2008. Showcase Showdown also includes some book-only bonus features: an introduction by Lore Sjoberg, character bios and an introductory argument by the author. 
Artist: Jonathan Rosenberg

Pages: 161 pages
Format: Full color - PDF
Collection: Scenes From A Multiverse

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