Whomp! - Fat White Cop in Hong Kong Print



Whomp! - Fat White Cop in Hong Kong Print from Whomp! - Webcomic Merchandise
After his long and illustrious career as a detective for the Hong Kong Police Department, Ronnie retired to America to draw comics about farting and gluttony.
One day he receives a call from his old partner, Officer Chiu. She informs him that the villain Motivation Dude has escaped incarceration, and that Ronnie is the only one who can capture him.
Actually, the only reason they called him back is because they don't know the password to the villain's criminal file. They could just ask him for the password, but he sounded so excited about coming back to help, they just couldn't break it to him that he was quantifiably the lousiest detective they'd ever encountered.


Artist:  Ronnie Filyaw

Size: 11x17 inches

Collection: Whomp!

Ships in 3-5 business days; not including weekend/holidays.

The comic is currently ongoing and can be read here.

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