Spinnerette - Book 1



Spinnerette - Book 1 from Spinnerette - Webcomic Merchandise

Striking fear in the hearts of evildoers!

Mild-mannered lab assistant Heather Brown gained the powers of a spider in a freak lab accident. Her powers include superstrength, shooting web out of her lower back (not her butt), and, most prominently, four extra arms. With these powers Heather decides to fight the forces of evil as the costumed superhero Spinnerette, while hiding her secret identity (and extra arms) from the citizens of Columbus, Ohio. Collects the Spinnerette chapters 1 through 4, plus the book-only chapter 5.

Author : Krakow Studios

Pages : 151 pages

Format : Full color/Black and white - Softcover

Collection: Spinnerette

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