Ghost Junk Sickness- Volume 4 (Ebook)

Ghost Junk Sickness


Ghost Junk Sickness- Volume 4 (Ebook)
With no foreseeable resolve in sight concerning Trigger and Boggmouth's inner conflict, Vahn decides they've had enough obscurity and steps in to hear what transpired all those years ago. Boggmouth spares no detail about her turbulent past but before Vahn even has a chance to process the grueling story, the two of them find themselves running into none other than The Ghost himself; a grudge will mean nothing if this costs them everything. A deadly encounter on the horizon, everything is coming down to the wire into an explosive confluence for both Hunters and Junder soldiers; With broken bonds may come tragedy, but perhaps newly opened doors as well.

Contains Chapters 11-14
Authors: Kristen and Laura Lee
Pages: 169 (10 pages in colour, 159 in black and white)
Format: Ebook (PDF)

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