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Windrose - Volume 1


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It's the 17th Century, and the powers of Europe are struggling violently for dominion over the oceans. Danielle flees her constrictive upper-class life when she receives a disturbing letter from her father, entrusting her with a strange miniature astrolabe. On her way from Barcelona to Marseille, her life is threatened, she nearly drowns, and she is befriended by a handsome pair of travelers…but Angeline and Leon are definitely not what they claim to be.

An LGBT+ adventure by acclaimed comic creation team Studio Kôsen of Lêttera, Saihôshi, and more!

Author: Studio Kôsen

Pages: 144 pages 

Format: Softcover - Black and white

ISBN: 9781987988055

Collection: Sparkler

This series is currently ongoing and can be read here.

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