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Tokyo Demons - Volume 2


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Read here about shipping delays on this book from February 6-22.

Now hiding out in Daniel’s strangely protected church in Ueno, Ayase and Jo try to join the offensive against Core - and their first mission is rescuing the missing hacker, Shouri. Their alliance with Byakko and the Riot Girls proves to be a stronger force than Core was prepared for. But between detoxes, sexual complications, and shaky deals with informants and the police, the Fukuhashi teenagers struggle with different problems at home. The greatest threat to their survival may be the demons within their own team.

Contains two bonus short stories (one about Adam, one about Nick x Hatsumi), the latter of which is not available online. Recommended for ages 16+

Author: Lianne Sentar (writer) and Rem (illustrator) with bonuses by Romy-chan (illustrator)

Pages: 480 pages (prose with illustrations/light novel)

Format: Softcover - Black and white

ISBN: 9780993861109

Collection: Sparkler, Tokyo Demons

This series is currently ongoing and can be read here

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