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Off*Beat - Volume 3


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Read here about shipping delays on this book from February 6-22.

Christopher “Tory” Blake’s awkward fixation on Colin Stephens has come to the fore in their relationship, with a punch to the jaw, no less! But while Colin is willing to talk some things out, he’s as cagey as ever when it comes to what matters most. And just when Tory thinks they’ve made a breakthrough, Colin disappears. Tory has to follow the few remaining clues to find Colin again…

At long last, this final volume (never published by TOKYOPOP) features bonus material not available in the online serialization. The finale 10 years in the making! Comes with a free bookmark.

Author: Jen Lee Quick

Pages: 176 pages 

Format: Softcover - Black and white

ISBN: 9780991946648

Collection: Sparkler, Off*Beat

This comic is now complete (3 volumes) and can be read here

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