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Namesake - Book 2


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Ghosts and fairy tales and danger, oh my!

As Emma Crewe continues her journey in Oz, she uncovers a story as entangled as the en- chanted vines she is fighting — of love, loss, and the lengths that people will go to protect their family. As she, Warrick, Agha, Hercilia, and the Scarecrow get closer to unraveling the mystery behind Ozma.

This volume contains Intermission #1, chapter 6-10 of the fantasy webcomic and a book- exclusive story.

Authors : Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton

Pages: 156

Publisher: Fairylogue Press

Format : Full color - Hardcover & Softcover available - Limited Edition (single print run) for the Hardcover.

Collection: Namesake

This comic is currently ongoing and can be read here

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