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Mahou Josei Chimaka (Magical Woman Chimaka)

Agents of the Realm

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Read here about shipping delays on this book from February 6-22.

Fifteen years ago, magical girl Shimmer Shimmer Sky Patcher Chimaka lost her final battle against her greatest foe, broke up with her “destined” boyfriend, and practically flunked out of school. Now a chemical engineer, Chimaka is older, wiser, and a lot more bitter. But when her ancient enemy grows restless again, it’s up to Chimaka and her best friend Pippa to reignite Chimaka’s old magic…and save the world!

This DINKy award-winning LGBT+ comedy by creative team KaiJu is complete in one volume! Recommended for ages 16+

Author: KaiJu

Pages: 120 pages 

Format: Softcover - Black and white

ISBN: 9781987988017

Collection: Sparkler

This series is now complete and can be read here.

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