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Lighter than Heir Volume 1: Boot Camp

Lighter Than Heir


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The famous Zeppelin Von Schultheiss is tired of living in the shadow of her father. So what if he was a war hero… there’ll be other wars! And who cares if everyone loves him? Love is for people without true ambition! And it’s not like it’s a big deal that he could fly. I mean… well okay, that was kind of a big deal. But Zeppelin can fly too! And unlike her beloved war hero father, she isn't dead.

So join Zeppelin on her personal quest for praise and glory… or just sit back and get on with the praising and ...glory-ing. Because military boot camp is going to be a cakewalk for someone this headstrong and arrogant.


This volume contains the first nine chapters of the webcomic. revised and expanded.

Author : Melissa Albino and Michael Spanier

Publisher: Pale Dog Studios

Pages :  260 pages

Format : Softcover - Color

ISBN :  9780990707509

Collection: Lighter than Heir

The comic is ongoing and can be viewed here.

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