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Kiwi Blitz - Volume 2 (Ebook)

Kiwi Blitz

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Kiwi Blitz

It isn’t easy to be a super hero in a world with no super powers, but Steffi does her best! With the help of her kiwi mech, her mechanically-minded father, her best friend, and a Japanese robot, Steffi is the crime- fighting Blitz. Will she be able to stop New York's cavalcade of strange villains while avoiding being arrested herself?

A collection of tracks 6-10 of the webcomic Kiwi Blitz! Over 100 full-color comic pages, along with bonus material. When Steffi's grand plans of heroism go south, she endangers both herself and others

Artist: Mary Cagle
Pages: 120 pages
Format: Full color - PDF

The comic is ongoing and is readable online here.

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