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Inhabitant of Another Planet


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Raziol Qamar is the assistant and apprentice to the great astronomer Christiaan Huygens in Paris in the mid-17th century. While Huygens has welcomed Raz into the scientific community, he nevertheless feels like an eternal outsider, always seen as a foreigner and an exotic novelty, in spite of all his years in the city. Or at least until a chance encounter with a handsome stranger sets his life on a new course...

Set in the same world as KaiJu's "The Ring of Saturn" and a prequel to their ongoing webcomic Novae, "Inhabitant" is a story of personal discovery set at the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment.

Author: KaiJu

Pages: 85 pages 

Format: PDF, MOBI (Kindle) in zip file - Full color

File Size: 113 MB

Collection: Sparkler

This comic is now complete and can be read here.

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Tags: Ebook
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