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Dusk in Kalevia


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Like most secret agents, Toivo Valonen is not what he seems. An angelic embodiment of hope living on earth in the guise of a human, he has acted throughout history as a source of wartime inspiration and comfort. In the year 1960, he embarks on an undercover mission in the communist state of Kalevia, allied with a rebellion against the government – and pursued by rival agent Demyan Chernyshev, a dark angel in the employ of the KGB. As Toivo’s mission is complicated by his explosive past with Demyan, the otherworldly spies begin a dangerous game that could bring the entire country to its knees.

Sparkler is proud to present this Boy's Love alternate history epic of espionage and star-crossed lovers. Also includes short comic “The Range” by Angeline Mauri and a brand-new epilogue not available online! Recommended for ages 16+

Author: Emily Compton (writer) and Onorobo (illustrator)

Pages: 265 pages (prose with illustrations/light novel)

Format: Softcover - Black and white

ISBN: 9781987988093

Collection: Sparkler

This series is now complete and can be read here

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