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A RedTail's Dream - Complete Edition

Stand Still Stay Silent

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A stunning and unique adventure inspired by Finnish mythology.

The story is about a young lad named Hannu Viitanen and his shapeshifting, talking, dog Ville, who are on a journey to bring back the souls of their fellow villagers from the realm of dreams. Much of the story is inspired by Finnish mythology, and it is quite child friendly and lighthearted (apart from a couple of mythological monsters here and there). The book features the English version of the comic and 40 pages of bonus content.

Author : Minna Sundberg

Pages : 608 pages

Ebook and Hardcover edition (while supplied last - FINAL COPIES)

Format: Full color - PDF / Hardcover

Collection: Stand Still Stay Silent

 The comic is now complete, it ran from September 2011 to November 2013 and is readable in both English and Finnish here.

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