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No Need for Bushido Vol. 1: Fresh Outta Swords

No Need for Bushido


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Rumors of war spread across Feudal Japan! The fate of the country rests on the delicate negotiations between the influential Senshin and feared Wataro clans. Unfortunately, neither side reckoned just how easily one rebellious princess could bring their plans to a screeching halt.
Ina, headstrong daughter of Lord Senshin, has just learned a key detail of her father's peace treaty: her forced betrothal to a Wataro prince! Determined to decide her own fate, Ina runs away. Now, with the help of a hapless samurai with a broken sword, a blind monk, and a drunk ruffian, the pampered princess must learn to survive in a world of bandits, ninjas, and fire demons!
Collection: No Need for Bushido
Pages: 120 Pages
Format: Softcover 
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