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Sfeer Theory Issue One - Ebook Format

Sfeer Theory

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Luca Valentino is a lowly technician working at the most prestigious university in the world: Uitspan, a school which specializes in the magic known as 'Sfeer Theory.'

The self­taught son of immigrant merchants, and the master of only one very obscure magical skill, Luca never believed he would excel among the highly competitive, and highly prejudiced masters of Uitspan ­­ until a chance encounter brings him face to face with one of the greatest geniuses of their generation, and one of the countries best kept secrets.


The digital edition of the softbound hardcopy of Issue One of Sfeer Theory. Contains the 56 colored comic pages and 5 pages of an exclusive Sfeer Theory original short story written by Alex "Muun" Singer not available freely on the site.

PRODUCT DETAILS: *.PDF format, 64 pages, 144 dpi, 22 MB

Collection: Little Foolery

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