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Harpy Gee - Volume 1

Harpy Gee


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An Elf, a Knight, a Prince, and an Item Shop!

Adventures, potatoes, and a magical cat that barfs weapons! Harpy, a young elf, finds herself in the quaint little town of Podunkello. She befriends Opal the local witch doctor, and begins her first day working at Opal's Item Shop. Everything is going smoothly until Prince Humphrey walks in, trying to sell a dumb pooch. 

The print edition contains guest comics and a few pages of extra illustrations, and each book is signed with its very own sketch!

Author: Brianne Drouhard

Pages: 138 pages

Format: 8.5" x 10.5" Soft bound full color

Collection: Harpy Gee

Harpy Gee is an ongoing comic! Pages were originally published between January and October 2014, and are available to read online here

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